Message from CEO

KVTC is one of its kind and very close to my heart. Here we are enabling the differently-abled through giving them the vocational rehabilitation and equipping them with the training and skills they would need to perform as an equal and active part of the society and make a career like everyone else. This is a place of worship where a group of committed professionals make an effort daily and are loved by the students, the same way they love their family. Over the years I have experienced the joy of giving: Giving time, a lending hand or even a kind word. All these can make a difference in the lives of those who deserve to be “ENABLED” and become a part of society. Come and join hands to support this cause.
May Allah Almighty bless you in this world and hereafter. Ameen!
Profound Regards,

Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan.

Message from President

KVTC is another name for inspiration!
Maximizing the potential of the intellectually challenged children, enabling them to mark their place in society and earn a livelihood and become a part of the mainstream is the forte of us all here. I have been associated with KVTC since a year and have seen how the dedication and patience to teach and eagerness to learn on behalf of the children can transform lives. As the President, I am blessed and humbled to be a part of KVTC. The combined efforts of the General Body, Executive Committee, Management and above all the Teachers provide all of us inspiration to do more for all Intellectually Challenged children. It is times like these that all at KVTC rejoice and rejuvenate when the challenges are transformed into success because Children become what they believe.
Profound Regards,

Dr. Akhtar Aziz Khan.

Message from Treasurer

I am really glad for being connected with KVTC for years. This institution is helping lots of intellectually challenged children for the betterment of their families and their lives. KVTC took a very rare step towards positivity which is much needed in this era. I just want to say disability is just a matter of perception, these children are the future of our country. Every child deserves honor and normal life to live. These intellectually capable children are multi-talented and have more capacity to learn and do practical things in life. This institution is giving them a chance to grow in their lives and live it fully, we need more institutions like KVTC for the improvement of society. I am very proud to be with KVTC by supporting talented children of our society, they have full right to accomplish their ambitions and goals and grow in their life.

Mr M.Farhan Hanif

Message from Joint Secretary

It’s an honour and privilege to write a few words for this amazing, differentially able and very important part of our community and Karachi Vocational and Training Centre, a premier institution of the country. As per our Prime minister Imran Khan Saheb vision, for Pakistan to come out of its challenges we need to develop our economy. For this vision to take place we need all hands on deck and KVTC is the torch bearer for this cause imparting bench mark education, behavioural grooming, vocational trainings, counselling to care givers and encouraging sports in mentally challenged individuals with a special focus on the female gender. The results are phenomenal, not only our students are now getting employed but our athletes have performed with top rankings in even international events like Olympic surpassing our regular athletes in medals counts. To make this initiative expand as the needs are increasing continuously we need you, the corporate sector and the community involvement to the max. Come and visit KvTC and witness the transformation in the children and see their parents look of satisfaction and pride. My best wishes and prayers to all who are involved in this heavenly endeavour which is need of the time !! Let’s together bring change in the life of the forgotten and mostly ignored members amongst us KVTC Zindabad
Pakistan Paindabad

Dr. Farhan Essa